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Building Resilience to Insider Risk

Online: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 | Time: 12:00-2:15pm ET / 9:00-11:15am PT

Create a Robust Risk Strategy for a Public Sector Environment

Insider threats, or security risks that, unwittingly or wittingly, originate from within your organization, pose a significant challenge for the public sector. Why? Because, unlike other threats, they are so hard to detect. In today’s environment, the risk of negligent and malicious insiders gaining greater access to critical assets and data has become especially urgent. An insider threat can be anyone from a careless employee to a rogue business partner. 

That’s why Public Sector Network has put together a virtual event on Building Resilience to Insider Risk. This program will explore leading ways to boost security and compliance while leveraging the best prevention and detection tools. Join your fellow public sector security professionals and become better equipped to spot Insider Threats before a breach happens. 

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Your Expert Speakers

Ryan Hunt
Director, Critical Infrastructure Partnerships, National and Cyber Security Branch
Public Safety Canada

William Beiersdorfer
Manager of the National Insider Threat and Aftercare Program
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Randy F. Trzeciak
Director, CERT National Insider Threat Center
Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute

Dr. Kayode Alawonde
Cybersecurity Lead
City of Saskatoon

Lina Tsakiris CPP, ITPM
Director, Strategic Security Partnerships, Corporate Security, and Director
CIBC Bank and ASIS International Professional Certification Board

Victor Munro
PhD Student
Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Key Takeaways

A must-attend event for public sector organizations looking to:

Develop counter-insider threat strategies to improve your security program 

Take a close look at nuances in personnel security vetting 

Learn about the latest technological innovations supporting the safety of cities 


9:00am PT & 12:00pm ET
Welcome from PSN
9:05am PT & 12:05pm ET
Opening Remarks from the Chair
9:20am PT & 12:20pm ET
Government Keynote: Establishing a Holistic Approach to Manage Insider Risks in Your Organization
9:35am PT & 12:35 PM ET
Platinum Keynote: Integrating Insider Threat Functions with Security Solutions and Emerging Technologies
9:50am PT & 12:50pm ET
Government Case Study: Understanding the Behavioural and Technical Risks from Insider Threats in Remote Working Environments
10:05am PT & 1:05pm PT
Government Case Study: Practical Tips to Proactively Deter, Detect, Monitor and Report Insider Risk in Your Organization
10:20am PT & 1:20pm ET
10:25am PT & 1:25pm ET
Gold Spotlight: Leveraging Advanced Behavioural Analytics to Detect Threats
10:40am PT & 1:40pm ET
Panel Session: Culture of Prevention: Creating a Sense of Security Accountability in All Employees, Including Front Line, Customer Facing and IT Professionals
11:10am PT & 2:10pm ET
Closing Remarks from the Chair & End of session


What's included in your registration:

Virtual Presentations

Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and exploring how to instantly apply these insights and gaining unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with the inspiring speaker panel and peers in the live Q&A and polling to discover answers to shared challenges

Leading Technology Solutions

Hear  from solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


Receive on-demand access to session content after the conference on the complimentary Public Sector Network social learning platform

Complimentary for public sector employees only*
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