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Big Data & Actionable Insights

Online: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | Time: 12:00-2:15pm ET / 9:00-11:15am PT

Leveraging data science to guide transformation in the public sector

Governments realize that Big Data has the power to enable them to make better decisions and operate more efficiently, so it is looking to use the massive amount of data at their disposal to enable social innovation, support economic activity, and improve efficiencies and overall quality of life of its citizens

The last decade has seen the rise of new tools and techniques, as well as new uses for data that are changing the paradigm for public sector leaders starved for actionable intelligence. We know that all levels of government collect an increasing amount of data every day – with this data becoming a critical asset for insight-led decision-making. However, it can be difficult to organize, manage, and extract actionable insights from increasingly large and diverse data sets. The intelligent use of data is the missing link where true data insights can be leveraged to improve service delivery, national resilience, and citizen outcomes. 

In light of an increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data, coupled with a need to promote and protect information privacy, extracting actionable insights remains a challenge for many government departments. So, to help your department harness analytics and glean actionable insights from big data, join us at the Public Sector Network’s Big Data & Actionable Insights Virtual Event, which has been carefully curated to showcase tangible uses of big data to help you deliver citizen-centric outcomes.

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Key Takeaways

A must-attend event for public sector organisations looking to:

Explore best practice approaches to roadmap your big data and analytics journey to enable you to extract data insights and develop a strong foundation for Machine Learning and AI 

Hear real-life case studies from expert government data leaders  on  how to harness and leverage data insights for improved decision-making and service delivery

Discover the latest techniques and technologies that can help you derive actionable insights from data


9:00am PT & 12:00pm ET
Welcome from PSN
9:05am PT & 12:05pm ET
Chair Opening: The Revolution in Public Service Data Use
9:20am PT & 12:20pm ET
Keynote Session: Leveraging Data Analysis to Extract Insights for Improved Decision Making
9:35am PT & 12:35pm ET
Platinum Keynote: Cultivating a Data Driven Culture For Big Data & Analytics Success
9:50am PT & 12:50pm ET
Government Case Study: Analytics vs. Privacy: How to Maintain Public Trust While Deriving Insights from Data Sets
10:05am PT & 1:05pm PT
Government Case Study: Extracting Actionable Insights from Big Data to Deliver Citizen-Centric Outcomes
10:20am PT & 1:20pm ET
10:25am PT & 1:25pm ET
Gold Spotlight: Delivering Value from Big Data Through Cloud Architecture
10:40am PT & 1:40pm ET
Panel Discussion: Data & AI: Driving Operational Efficiency and Service Delivery by Taking Big Data to the Next Level
11:10am PT & 2:10pm ET
Closing Remarks from the Chair & End of session


What's included in your registration:

Virtual Presentations

Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and exploring how to instantly apply these insights and gaining unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with the inspiring speaker panel and peers in the live Q&A and polling to discover answers to shared challenges

Leading Technology Solutions

Hear  from solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


Receive on-demand access to session content after the conference on the complimentary Public Sector Network social learning platform

Complimentary for public sector employees only *
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