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Virtual Event: Intelligent Automation in the Public Sector

Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Deliver Faster, More Accurate Operations and Service

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
(Start: 12.00pm ET / 9.00am PT)

Agenda Overview:

Intelligent Automation is transforming the capacity and ability for government to deliver faster, more accurate services for citizens.

The emergence and increased presence of sophisticated automation technologies are driving a shift in the way government are able to operate. There are significant efforts already underway to deploy and integrate automation to drive speed, accuracy, and intelligence of operations within government services. However, developing the business case, rolling out, embedding, and the constant upkeep and improvement of these technologies isn’t always smooth sailing.

Which is where shared experience and expertise comes in. Sustainable and impactful success will require significant collaboration across the entire ecosystem to unlock the innovation available and leverage intelligent technologies to enhance operations and service.

The Public Sector Network’s “Intelligent Automation in Public Sector Virtual Event” aims to help build this collaboration network, especially within government itself. The event focuses on bringing real-world practices, use cases, and methodologies to make automation initiatives a tangible success for public sector organizations.

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Key Takeaways:

Learn How to Best Develop Your Intelligent Automation Roadmap and Strategy to Drive Impact and Realize ROI
Develop Your Knowledge on the Future of Intelligent Automation, its Most Significant Opportunities and Benefits Within the Public Sector and Where Other Departments are Headed
Share in the Experience of Your Peers on How to Overcome the Biggest Hurdles Associated with Embedding Service Delivery Automation/Intelligent Automation
Understand How Other Government Departments Have Effectively Leveraged Intelligent Automation to Improve the Accuracy and Speed of Their Operations and Service

Event Speakers:

Doug Keefe

Director of Application Management
Veterans Affairs Canada

Doug Woodworth, PhD

Senior Director, Data for Benefits Delivery Modernization (BDM)
Employment and Social Development Canada / Government of Canada

Geneviève Binet

Geneviève Binet

Director General, Enterprise Transformation
Canada Border Services Agency

Jenny Alfandary

President and CEO
Westario Power Inc.

Vik Pant

Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor
Natural Resources Canada

Shiv Chandra

Manager, Process Automation
University of Melbourne

Eva Periera

Deputy Chief Data Officer
City of Los Angeles

Andre Bourgeacq

Digital Innovation & Intelligent Automation Executive
Blue Prism

Joel Cherkis

Vice President, Global Public Sector Industry
Ui Path

Event Partners:

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Agenda Highlights:

12:05pm ET / 9:05am PT
Welcome from Chair
12:20pm ET / 9:20am PT
Canada Keynote: Creating the Foundation for Improved Operations and Service With Intelligent Automation
12:35pm ET / 9:35am PT
Partner Session: Intelligent Solutions: Moving up the Maturity Curve to Become a More Sophisticated Public Service
12:50pm ET / 9:50am PT
Canada Keynote: Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Drive Improvement to Your Operations and Service: Achieving Cost Reduction, Increased Speed and Accuracy
1:05pm ET / 10:05am PT
Canada Keynote: Modernizing Service Delivery Through Automation: Developing and Executing Your SDA Strategy and Roadmap
1:20pm ET / 10:20am PT
1:25pm ET / 10:25am PT
Panel Discussion: Setting your Agency’s Automation Transformation Priorities and Understanding How to Realize the Full Benefits
2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT
Closing Remarks from Chair / End of Session


Complimentary to attend

For public sector only

Online event