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Virtual Event: Architecting the Future of Your Smart City

Exploring the Technology, Tools, & Processes to Develop the City of the Future

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 (Start: 12.00pm ET / 9.00am PT)

Agenda Overview:

The development of the smart city is fundamentally dependent upon technology, but it is just one layer of many in building a smart city ecosystem. Each layer has a different but equally important role and no one layer is more relevant than another. 

Building the right smart city ecosystem for your needs and citizens is essential. A new generation of community, public sector, and technology leaders are partnering with solutions providers to drive the development of infrastructure at the intersection of technology, innovation, business, operations, strategy, and people. No individual, department, or organization can achieve change on this scale alone.    

Public Sector Network’s Architecting the Future of Your Smart City Virtual Event will equip attendees with the knowledge around how to think differently about the way their city works, and continually look to adapt to the changing needs of their citizens through the use of new and evolving technologies, policies, rules, and regulations; intended to develop the city of the future. 

Key Takeaways:

Understand what the smart city platform of the future looks like and learn how to build it

Discuss how to build and design your IoT network with ‘trust’ in your smart city initiatives in-mind

Address societal needs through the implementation of your smart city 

Explore which people, processes, tools and technologies are needed for your smart city

Event Speakers:

David Graham

Chief Innovation Officer, Office of Innovation + Economic Development
City of Carlsbad (CA)

D. Brent Messer

Chief Information Officer
City of Chattanooga (TN)

Kevin Martin

Smart City PDX Manager
City of Portland (OR)

Kevin Comstock

Smart City Director
City of Chattanooga (TN)

Dr. Mina Sartipi

Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Urban Informatics and Progress (CUIP)
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Dr. Jibo Sanyal

Group Leader and Senior Scientist, Computational Urban Sciences Group
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Lillie Madali

Smart City Program Director
City of Atlanta (GA)

Travis Cutright

Chief Information Officer
City of Mesa (AZ)

Chris Moore

Managing Director
Public Sector Network Consulting

Agenda Highlights:

12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT
Welcome from PSN
12:05pm ET / 9:05am PT
Chair Opening: Planning the City of the Future
12:20pm ET / 9:20am PT
Government Keynote Session: Reframing Your Focus on Building Connected Communities
12:35pm ET / 9:35am PT
Government Case Study: Designing the Future of Urban Core Mobility
12:55pm ET / 9:55am PT
Government Case Study: Exploring the Scalability of Smart City Solutions
1:10pm ET / 10:10am PT
1:15pm ET / 10:15am PT
Panel Session: How does Culture Inform the Skills, Processes, Tools, and Technology Needed for Smart City Development?
1:45pm ET / 10:45am PT
Closing Remarks and End of Session

Event Partners:


Complimentary to attend

Free for Public Sector only

Online event