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Advanced Threat Protection

Online: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 | Time: 12:00-2:15pm ET / 9:00-11:15am PT

Prevent, Detect and Respond to New and Sophisticated Attacks

While public sector organizations are looking to harness the power of information networks to enhance business operations, increase efficiencies, and improve citizen service and support, at the same time, private data, intellectual property, and cyberinfrastructure are increasingly be compromised by deliberate attacks. With these cyber threats continuously on the rise, despite heightened attention and unprecedented levels of security investment, robust protection is needed if the government is to retain public confidence and trust.

Halting threats before they breach systems, disrupting activity in progress, and interrupting the lifecycle of an attack to stop a threat from progressing are critical priorities for public sector organizations. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) employs a proactive approach to security by identifying and impeding advanced threats before an organization’s most critical assets have a chance to become compromised. To achieve this goal, organizations need real-time visibility and the ability to prioritize threats and data awareness.

Public Sector Network’s Advanced Threat Protection Virtual Event will highlight strategies to help foster a collaborative approach to develop a sufficient defense strategy, implementation, and management plan, and drive effective ATP within your organization.

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Key Takeaways

A must-attend event for public sector organisations looking to:

Uncover how to prepare for opportunistic attacks seeking to take advantage of vulnerabilities

Identify how to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Solve problems before they occur by modernizing your IT security, prioritizing threats and preparing your responses


9:00am PT & 12:00pm ET
Welcome from PSN
9:05am PT & 12:05pm ET
Chair Opening: Understanding the Cyber Security Threat Landscape
9:20am PT & 12:20pm ET
Keynote Session: Maintaining strong security practices to ensure early threat detection and a proactive response
9:35am PT & 12:35pm ET
Platinum Keynote: Best Practices for Interrupting Attacks if a Breach Has Occurred
9:50am PT & 12:50pm ET
Government Case Study: Establishing security architectures that provide robust protection, including against advanced attacks
10:05am PT & 1:05pm PT
Government Case Study: Combining technology and human effort for effective and robust advanced threat protection
10:20am PT & 1:20pm ET
10:25am PT & 1:25pm ET
Gold Spotlight: Tools and Practices for Intercepting Potential Threats Before Critical Systems Have Been Breached
10:40am PT & 1:40pm ET
Gold Spotlight: Tools and Practices for Intercepting Potential Threats Before Critical Systems Have Been Breached
11:10am PT & 2:10pm ET
Closing Remarks from the Chair & End of session


What's included in your registration:

Virtual Presentations

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An opportunity to engage with the inspiring speaker panel and peers in the live Q&A and polling to discover answers to shared challenges

Leading Technology Solutions

Hear  from solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


Receive on-demand access to session content after the conference on the complimentary Public Sector Network social learning platform

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