Smart City & Infrastructure Roadshow 2023

Smart City & Infrastructure Roadshow 2023

February 28 – March 9, 2023
Toronto | Halifax | Edmonton | Vancouver

Event Overview

Exploration of Technology and Initiatives in the Overarching Smart City Strategy

Smart City was a subjective term where each municipality had their own definition and project, which was included under the Smart City umbrella. As time passed, the relevancy of the term Smart City came into question as municipalities pivoted their priorities to accommodate present challenges and budget constraints.

At our Smart City Roadshow leaders will converge together to share their challenges, and build an ecosystem of knowledge, ideas, and solutions with a goal of increasing the connectivity between municipalities of all sizes. Explore how Smart City has evolved from being the responsibility of a siloed team, to an overarching strategy embedded within all organizational process. Join Public Sector Network’s Smart City Roadshow as municipalities share their success stories, strategies, and best practices with their local public sector peers.

Benefits of Attending

Unpack how Smart City development, has become an overarching strategy utilizing digitalization and technological improvement

Hear real life case studies from your peers to learn from their challenges and success stories

Interact with municipalities of all sizes to build a network of knowledge and collaborative opportunities

Key Sessions

Government KeynoteFireside ChatGovernment KeynoteConcurrent RoundtablesPanel Discussion

The Changing Face of Smart City – Understanding the Current Definition and Emphasis

  • What is a Smart City, and how has that definition changed over time?
  • How is Smart City becoming an overarching strategy that is being embedded within each operational department?

Exploring Natural Infrastructure and Net Zero Development Initiatives

Paving the Way for Increased Connectivity Between Municipalities

  • How can municipalities build interconnectedness with each other to increase the flow of people and traffic?
  • How are parking lots being considered and used for future city development?

Roundtable 1: Leveraging New Transportation Technology to Build Strategy to Increase Fluidity

Roundtable 2: Maximizing the Understanding of the Data Produced by the Municipality’s Citizens

Roundtable 3: Securing Your Smart City as There is an Increase in Dependence on Technology and Digitalization

Roundtable 4: Utilizing Urban Planning Modeling Technology to Assist with City Planning

Roundtable 5: Increasing Accessibility of Network Across Canada

Exploring Smart City Development and Priorities in a Post-Pandemic World

  • What is the vision and benefit of Smart City Development?
  • How can municipalities create a better ecosystem for sharing information, resources, and talent?
  • How does Smart City fit into workplace modernization?
  • How has Smart City embedded itself into increasing the quality of life and providing more economical value for its municipality?

Your Registration

Live Presentations

Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and explore how to instantly apply these insights and gaining unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with your peers from across the state in dedicated networking sessions, interactive roundtable discussions and meal breaks

Technology Solutions

Hear  from leading solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


Receive on-demand access to session content on the complimentary Public Sector Network social learning platform

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What Your Peers Had to Say

I was fortunate to be a panelist at the City & Infrastructure National Insights event. It was an amazing experience working with the PSN team; they made sure every one was super prepared and comfortable with both the technology and the format well in advance of the event. I learned a lot from my fellow panelists and other key note speakers – it was a great investment of my time!
City of Maple Ridge

It was great to hear how other cities are looking for opportunities and implementing frameworks that help to mitigate/ manage climate change. I was really intrigued with the framework the City of Victoria has implemented and it’s continual efforts to look for more opportunities.
Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission

Thank you for inviting me to chair the Building Green and Sustainable Communities Event. It was an inspirational opportunity and I enjoyed interacting with the excellent and insightful speakers.
I appreciate the work of the hard-working team at the Public Sector Network.
City of New Westminster

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