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Data Management & Analytics


February 7 - 11, 2022
Toronto | Ottawa | Victoria | Edmonton

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Event Overview

Building a Smart Public Sector with Data Collaboration and Automation

Recently the public sector has become increasingly aware of the potential value that can be gained from leveraging data as a strategic asset, but the sector still struggles with effective methods to extract true value from insights, while maintaining privacy and security.

To help optimize and evolve your organization’s data journey, we’ve put together the Data Innovation Roadshow which explores how we can further create public sector modern data divisions in Canada, as the role of storytelling and the imperative of public trust continues to drive data use and analysis to new levels.

Benefits of Attending

Understand how to transform public sector data from information overload to meaningful insights

Discover how to curate public sector datasets to streamline processes and reduce effort with tailored case studies

Discuss the tools for taking data from siloed information and transforming it into outcomes

Learn how to leverage data for citizen-centric decision making through an ethical and privacy first approach

Your Inspiring Speakers

Kalyan Chakravarth

Kalyan Chakravarthy
Chief Information Officer
Region of Durham

John Roberts

John Roberts
Chief Privacy Officer, Archivist of Ontario and Chief Information Security Officer
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Eric Sutherland

Eric Sutherland
Executive Director, Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy
Public Health Agency of Canada

4. Uma Gopinath, CIO, Metrolinx

Umi Gopinath

Elise Legendre

Élise Legendre
Chief Data Officer
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Teresa D'Andrea

Teresa D’Andrea
Director General, Service and Data Modernization
Transport Canada

2. John Walsh, Chief Data Officer, Director General Data, Analytics, Strategy and Innovation, Department of National Defence

John Walsh
Chief Data Officer, Director General Data, Analytics, Strategy and Innovation
Department of National Defence

4. Sylvain Bélanger, Senior Director General, Digital Services, Library and Archives Canada

Sylvain Bélanger
Senior Director General, Digital Services
Library and Archives Canada

Jantzen Lorna
Director, Data Partnerships
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

6. Ima Okonny, Chief Data Officer, Employment and Social Development Canada

Ima Okonny
Chief Data Officer
Employment and Social Development Canada

Linda Cowan

Linda Cowan
Chief Information Officer – Technology & Project Services
British Columbia Securities Commission

Ceri Sanderson

Ceri Sanderson
Director, Data Sharing Administration, Assistant Chief Data Steward
Government of British Columbia

Patricia Chung

Patricia Chung
Regional Director, Data Management & Reporting and Workforce Analytics
Vancouver Coastal Health

Dan Pollock

Dan Pollock
Lead Data Scientist Government Digital Experience Division
BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services

3. Michael McEvoy, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

Michael McEvoy
Information and Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

Stephen Gordon, Chief Information Officer, Auditor General of British Columbia

Stephen Gordon
Chief Information Officer
Auditor General of British Columbia

7. Shannon Malovec, Chief Digital Innovation Officer, Provincial Health Services Authority

Shannon Malovec
Chief Digital Innovation Officer
Provincial Health Services Authority

Jill Adams
Director Information Management & Strategic Policy
BC Public Service

Ryan Hum

Ryan Hum
VP of Data and Chief Information Officer
Canada Energy Regulator

Clayton Clemens

Clayton Clemens
Data Storyteller – Analytics Centre of Excellence
City of Edmonton

Roman Eisner

Roman Eisner
Data Scientist
City of Edmonton

4. Larry Svenson, Provincial Health Analytics Officer & Executive Director, Analytics and Performance Reporting, Government of Alberta

Larry Svenson
Provincial Health Analytics Officer & Executive Director, Analytics and Performance Reporting
Government of Alberta

5. Daniela Robu, Director Innovation and Business Intelligence, Alberta Health Services

Daniela Robu
Director Innovation and Business Intelligence
Alberta Health Services

6. Sabina Posadziejewski, Sector Chief Information Officer, Service Alberta

Sabina Posadziejewski
Sector Chief Information Officer
Service Alberta

Key Sessions

Unlocking the Value of Data in the Smartest, Safest, Most Convenient Way

  • Transforming a pre-existing data strategy and taking it to the next level with data-storytelling capabilities
  • Effective methods for sustaining data framework changes to ensure maximum value is being extracted and acted upon
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Driving Innovation and Improving Efficiencies with Data Sharing and Collaboration

  • Strategies to break down silos and share data better
  • Building citizen trust and enhancing data literacy by communicating how the organization collects, processes, uses, and shares the data
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Roadmap to Building a Data-Driven Public Sector

  • How can organizations begin to leverage data as a strategic tool to transform service delivery?
  • What are the strategies that can improve inter-agency collaboration and improve outcomes? Where do you see more opportunities to increase collaboration and innovation for better results?
  • What are the key considerations to keep in mind when building a solid data strategy? How do we create a data-driven culture within our organization?
  • What are the key challenges that data leaders should prepare for in 2022?
  • What are your lessons learned or tips from 2021 for those looking to evolve their organization’s data journey?
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Roundtable 1:Role of Visualization and Data Dashboards in Making Informed Decisions

Roundtable 2:Harnessing the Power of Automation & Artificial Intelligence in Data Divisions

Roundtable 3:Leveraging Public Sector Data More Responsibly – Opportunities to Build Public Trust through Ethical and Responsible Use of Data and Automation

Roundtable 4: Using RPA and IA Successfully

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What Your Peers Had to Say

“Really enjoyed the discussion and reinforcement across multiple organizations that are experiencing the same challenges.”

City of Ottawa

“I thought all the panelists were very knowledgeable and interesting. There was a nice diversity of perspectives available.”

Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network

“This session had many topics of interest. Well organized to a couple of hours.”

Government of BC