Public Sector AI and Data Showcase 2022

Public Sector AI and Data Showcase

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Hotel Realm, Canberra

Event Overview

The next frontier of possibility – embracing a new era of AI and data to accelerate innovation

Data is abundantly available – AI is consistently progressing. With this in mind, we’re gathering Australia’s leading federal government tech and information management pioneers to unveil and explore the next realm of insight potential.

Our Annual Public Sector AI and Data Showcase will see APS federal leaders converge to assess emerging tools, tech and strategies at the forefront of data and AI innovation.

Join us in Canberra on the 6th of December as we explore ground-breaking digital architectures to support the deployment of innovative cognitive technologies being adopted within the federal government’s AI initiatives and programs of work.

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Benefits of Attending

Explore the emerging realm of data innovation – and unveil the future of analytics and intelligence

Revolutionise your existing services through effective and ethical use of data

Join interactive Q&A panel sessions – share in the insights and perspectives of peers to power citizen-centric decision making

Discover the new era of data and AI potential –validate and sense-check your strategies and be inspired by pioneering approaches

Your Inspiring Speakers

Andrew Lalor,
Assistant Secretary, Data and Digital,
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Maria Milosavljevic,
Chief Data Integration Officer,
Department of Defence

Malcolm Thatcher,
Chief Technology Officer,
Australian Digital Health Agency

Lucy Poole,
General Manager, Digital Strategy, Architecture & Discovery,
Digital Transformation Agency

Susie Kluth,
Chief Data Officer,
Department of Education, Skills, and Employment

Sam Wells,
Chief Data and Automation Officer,
Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment

Geoff Neideck,
Assistant Secretary,
Office of the National Data Commissioner
Special Advisor,

Cathryn Geiger,
Chief Data and Analytics Officer,
Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment

Key Sessions

The Public Sector AI and Data Showcase features the latest initiatives throughout Federal Government; sharing insights via keynote presentations, case studies, panel discussions, and roundtable chats. To provide additional perspective – concurrent streams will address more specific topics and challenges in the worlds of Information Management And Strategy and Analyse & Use/Apply, Decide, Share faced by public sector leaders today.

Main Plenary KeynotesInformation Management & Strategy StreamAnalyse & Use/Apply, Decide, Share StreamMain Plenary Panel DiscussionsRoundtables

A Whole of Government Approach to Using Data Better

  • Bringing coherence to Australian Government data activities
  • Collaborating to address shared data challenges
  • Working towards a data-driven public sector

The Intelligence Factor: Critical Next Steps In Decoding Data

  • Unlocking the next realm of data and AI capability – reversing reactivity and powering proactivity to foster public trust
  • Gaining visibility of trends and forecasting impact
  • Delving deeper – improving insight and understanding from public sector data sets

Unleashing A Next-Gen Public Service – The Emerging Realm Of AI Possibility

  • Pioneering data and AI strategies to power next-gen CX
  • Unlocking the power of AI – sense-checking emerging innovations and assessing critical next steps
  • A comprehensive stock-take – what can we do with the AI and data capabilities we have?

Government Keynote

Unlocking Existing Data Assets – Assessing The Next Phase Of Utilisation

  • Navigating the quest of reaching the pinnacle of a connected information environment
  • Emerging tools and techniques to improve data storage, validity, standardisation, and searchability
  • Mastering the speed test – data innovations at the forefront driving productivity and faster response time

Government Keynote

What Use is Data If It’s Not Usable? How IP is Providing A Sharp Public Service

  • Validating your data – curating data to ensure and preserve the usefulness
  • Integrating scalable data storage and processing capabilities that grow with the need
  • Paving the way for future innovation – ridding waste for substantial cost reduction and optimal efficiency

Panel Discussion

The Keys To Transformation – Unveiling Successful Approaches, Blind Spots, And Integral Learnings

  • What makes a bullet-proof data strategy? Groundbreaking approaches to a solid information management foundation
  • Unleashing the right organisational culture to sustain and enable data capability
  • Lessons in integration – expanding on the past 12 months’ most successful initiatives

Government Keynote

Driving Data and Analytics Transformation Within DAWE – Creating Action from Insights

  • Exploring the department’s data and analytics transformation journey
  • Applying advanced data and analytics techniques to deliver impact
  • Lessons learned along the journey – offering implementable strategies for agencies looking to grow their data and analytics maturity

Government Keynote

More Insight, Less Effort – Thriving In The Age Of Actionable Insight

  • Identifying priorities amongst a multitude of possibilities
  • Drawing out the questions – finding where the insights lie and focusing analytical effort
  • Client-centric approach – delivery focus, while building future capacity
  • Assessing actionable insights – finding the meaning within the data to influence decisions (or design)

Panel Discussion

Sense-Checking Latest Skills Strategies – Empowering Our People To Create A Public Sector Powerhouse

  • Exploring how to equip staff with insights and skills for better decision making
  • Navigating responsible and ethical use of data – building a data-literate public sector
  • Critical next steps in building APS workforce skills and capabilities

Driving A More Unified Public Sector And Cracking The Australian-Wide Strategy – How Can We Align Operations To Provide A Coherent And Connected Public Service?

  • Exploring the vision – driving the next phase of maturity to create a more connected public service
  • Unlocking the emerging realm of data and AI capability through a collaborative, whole of government approach – and the tools, tech and strategies driving this cohesion
  • The new realm of leadership: expanding your sphere of influence and impact – redefining culture and capability to power data and AI innovation
  • Taking an authoritative approach to data – exploring the desired destination and navigating the direction

Revolutionising The Way We Approach Data And AI – Embracing The Challenges To Power Potential

  • Tackling trust – ethical AI and developing robust data security
  • Embracing the pitfalls – a collective approach to navigating the common challenges
  • Working with red tape – sense-checking possibilities, opportunities and avoiding dead-ends

Roundtable 1

Data Privacy & Ethics: Harnessing data in a safe and responsible way to build public trust and adopting ethical AI standards

Roundtable 2

Breaking the data silos: sharing data for better policy and service delivery

Roundtable 3

The emerging realm of AI and Deep Learning in Government – exploring the next frontier

Roundtable 4

Data Visualisation & Storytelling: Improving use of strategic and actionable insights and building digital architectures to turn information into actionable insights

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An opportunity to engage with your peers from across the state in dedicated networking sessions, interactive roundtable discussions, and meal breaks

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Hear  from leading solutions providers in the federal government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


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What Your Peers Had to Say

“Great spectrum of speakers, topics and mix of session types. Invaluable new insights gained throughout the day.”

Abestos Safety and Eradication Agency

“Both positive and valuable, provided some useful insights into the state of play in collecting and using data in the Public Sector”

Attorney-General’s Department

“Absolutely great listening to the innovative work progressing out of various departments and agencies – and the new tools being developed”

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