Government Cyber Security Texas Roadshow 2022

Government Cyber Security Texas Roadshow

October 20, 2022 | 8:30am – 1:00pm
Omni Austin Hotel Downtown
Austin, TX

Event Overview

Driving Innovation and Transformation in the

The State of Texas has been leading the way in cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. This has been an on going and much needed force for collaboration and dynamic
change in the state. Government Cybersecurity Roadshow Texas will provide insight into aspects of leadership, innovation, and cybersecurity solutions.

How can Texas create a culture of Cybersecurity awareness? What are some lessons learned that can be adapted to Texas’ unique information security landscape? How can we strengthen security and combat sophisticated ransomware?

These are the questions we will explore at Public Sector Network’s Government Cybersecurity Roadshow Texas program. This one-day event will provide the ideal meeting place to learn from public sector leaders from across Texas and to explore
innovative solutions for the cybersecurity challenges public servants around the state encounter.

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Benefits of Attending

Create a culture of cybersecurity awareness – Employees
should be empowered with the skills they need to be
proactive and ready to face increasing threats

Gather insight from public sector thought leaders on
topics as privacy awareness, cybersecurity training,
ransomware, and addressing cybersecurity risks

Discuss best practices for top-notch cybersecurity
measures to prevent data breaches and online fraud

How to maximize your cybersecurity investment with
an outcome driven approach

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

SUZI HILLIARD Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Security Services Texas Department of Information Resources

Suzi Hilliard
Deputy Chief
Information Security
Officer for Security
Texas Department of
Information Resources

Jennifer Bush Interim Information Security Officer Office of Information Security at Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Jennifer Bush
Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Information Security
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Stephen King Chief Information Security Officer Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications

Stephen King
Chief Information
Security Officer
Texas Commission
on State Emergency

Dr. Brian Gardner Chief Information Security Officer City of Dallas

Dr. Brian Gardner
Chief Information
Security Officer
City of Dallas

Dr. Janell Straach Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Chair of Board Faculty Rice University

Dr. Janell Straach
Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Chair of Board
Faculty Rice University

Key Sessions

Keynote SessionGovernment Case Study Government Case Study 2Roundtable DiscussionsPanel DiscussionKeynote Session

Texas Takes Leadership Role in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity breaches can harm one’s reputation and compromise data. The state of Texas has made cybersecurity a high priority throughout government organizations. Critical information assets are protected by leveraging both industry and functional expertise, to help define a comprehensive cyber strategy. Partnerships with industry-leading cybersecurity technology providers, and in-depth training exercise have been used to address the most pressing cybersecurity issues.

Getting Trained on Cybersecurity Awareness: Texas Health and Human Service

Cyber training is an essential element for overall cybersecurity hygiene and posture. A cyber breach can occur in any department or through any employee falling prey to phishing, hacking, or ransomware attacks. The Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) Cybersecurity Awareness program is a community of well-educated and cyber aware leaders. As COVID-19 forced 40,000 staff to 100%remote work, security awareness became crucial. The HHS Chief Information Security Office developed a website with resources and Continued Professional Education opportunities, and distributed monthly awareness articles. Additionally, participation in October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month increased 500% from the previous year. Due to this success, the CISO established ongoing monthly webinar series, themed “cyberFIT” – alluding to cybersecurity awareness requiring training and endurance. The Texas HHS Cybersecurity Awareness program is extremely successful in building a cyber aware community.

Cybersecurity Considerations for Cloud Migration:

Weighing the Risks and Benefits

Roundtable 1
Strengthening Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has helped the public sector reach innovative technology and culture benefits. However, the threat landscape is expanding with greater complexity. Security teams need a datacentric strategy to meet evolving challenges and achieve a strong security posture. Discuss how to improve end-to-end visibility
response operations, enhance detection and response operations to strengthen cyber resiliency.

Roundtable 2
Securing Your Systems Against Modern Ransomware

Over the past year, everywhere you turn, there is another story about a debilitating ransomware attack on the technology-critical system. From fuel and energy companies to government, no industry is immune. As threat actors target essential and larger organizations for increasing ransom values, it is clear that traditional security strategies are not enough to protect today’s landscape.

Adapting Infrastructure to Combat Cyber Threats

The public sector is acutely aware of ongoing cybersecurity vulnerabilities in their information technology environments. They must consider the technology that powers their infrastructure to be vulnerable to the same issues. Cyber threats do not become obsolete in the way that the technology underlying them does. Infrastructure should ensure that the steps taken to inject resilience into a system remain connected with the relevant threats of today and tomorrow. Whether replacing legacy systems, integrating new technologies, or expanding capabilities; designing your infrastructure to provide ease of integration and scalability, while maintaining security is key. Join a group of dedicated public sector leaders who have insight into that process; no matter at what stage of the Journey, they find themselves.

Workforce Training

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