Efficient communities are connected, integrated, sustainable, technology-enabled and data-driven.

However, a city designed to be ‘Smart’ will only realise its true potential if the sum of its efforts help it become more competitive; creating a place people will choose to call home, find work opportunities and play.

State government, local councils and municipalities must think outside of the box and continuously evolve and improve the services they offer.

As we turn our focus to building our capacity and capabilities to become a Smart Community, we know we need to address key issues including:

  • budgetary models, and to ensure our investments – financial, collaborative efforts and time – pay off
  • Addressing the Cultural and Organisational Strategies, and planning for inclusivity of diversity
  • Exploring Specific Technologies as the Enabler for Smart City Development, Will Best Improve Resilience, Health, Liveability and Service Provision

This is a challenge for all of us: cities, planners, builders, technology providers. Our Cities & Communities group is focused on how to balance our rapidly expansive and evolving communities with tight budgets and red tape required to effect change.

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of our ANZ audience had ‘Not yet started’ on their Smart City journey; compared to 20% when we asked in 2017.