Citizens and communities rely on local government to represent their interests, and meet their immediate needs.

Across the world we’re seeing reduced levels of funding and staffing, cost of resourcing, resistance to change, limited technical capability and infrastructure and lack of leadership and strategy make this journey difficult for most councils.

Achieving a holistic transformation is another key challenge, to ensure front and back office processes and systems get upgraded. Whilst good progress has been made in delivering efficiency savings, the need to transform has never been more pressing.

Local councils and municipalities need to understand:

  • The workforce of tomorrow – upskilling, automation and social values;
  • How to achieve organisation-wide transformation;
  • Achieving a digital, sustainable and interconnected council

Our Local Government Transformation Community comes together as most councils have started the journey to successfully transitioning to a citizen-centric digital local government.

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We surveyed 228 senior executives:

said their council is in Strategy or Business case development of the transformation program road map.