There is an increasing demand for government to provide more integrated and interactive information and services.

To provide a seamless and consistent service across government, agencies must work together to ensure that their individual systems are compatible and can be linked. In a trend mirroring the private sector, Government is entering the complex phase of providing integrated service delivery both online and through other channels.

Information and technology (IT) play an important role in enabling innovation and improving the quality and accessibility of government services.

Increasingly challenges are better addressed by a whole-of-government initiatives rather than individual agencies:

  • Mainstreaming online services delivery. It is no longer enough for online service delivery to be an add-on or after-thought or simply to be ‘overlayed’ on existing service delivery channels
  • Investment & Value-for-Money. Agencies have indicated that more sophisticated service delivery will be difficult to progress without a coherent cross-agency investment strategy.
  • Shared & collaborative approaches. Agencies already co-operate when developing policies and standards. Similarly, opportunities will continue to be taken to collaborate on IT procurement both by leveraging government’s collective buying power and by increasingly re-using valuable intellectual property

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