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Increasing pressure on driving public sector efficiency means we need to be more integrated and interactive with our services.

The Innovation & IT Community represents those that work in innovating and integrating online services delivery - and how this can be shared and collaborated with other functions for cost efficiencies.

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Our Innovation & IT Community creates an online and physical space for multiple ways to engage and learn. You can do this through:

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Our communities are hosted by industry experts within the government arena. These advisors help facilitate discussions and guide conversations throughout our different channels of engagement.

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Rosie Fea

Skilled professional in government affairs and Innovation & IT community engagement.
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Cloud Innovation Executive Meeting Series 2021

Date: 21 September 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and organisations’ efforts to recover, the focus on cloud is increasing across the world. Cloud services present many opportunities, including flexibility, business continuity, spend optimisation, improved collaboration, and scalability…

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Virtual Hybrid IT and Cloud 2021 – Canada

Date: 5 October 2021

Hybrid IT and cloud have become critical in the digital transformation of government. When implemented effectively, Hybrid IT and cloud services present many opportunities, including improved flexibility, interoperability, scalability and collaboration. While cloud adoption is accelerating, there are still barriers preventing public sector organizations from fully embracing it. Legacy systems, technical challenges, compliance issues and the lack of existing roadmaps present persistent obstacles to realizing the full potential of cloud…

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Government Innovation WEST – USA

Date: 6 October 2021

As we begin to break free COVID’s confines, a “renewed normal” has begun to take shape across the country. Now more than ever, public sector innovation is critical – from policy design to service delivery, new technologies and data usage. By leveraging new approaches to old problems, governments stand to improve their performance and responsiveness to the unique challenges of today…

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"The Public Sector Innovation Show was an excellent way for different Commonwealth agencies and data-related companies to come together to share their ideas... It was a great experience and I would highly regard that every Federal Government Agency gets onboard in future Public Sector Innovation Shows and share their innovated products to all of the key stakeholders and partners."

Department of Home Affairs

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