Digitally enabled healthcare systems are more efficient, effective and affordable.

More than ever before the public healthcare system is under pressure to enhance patient-centred outcomes, whilst simultaneously delivering value for money.

Federal and State government, district health boards, hospitals, primary health networks and allied organisations are currently investing a great deal of time and money to overcome major systemic and technology barriers.

Key priorities include:

  • Moving from volume to value-driven care to enhance patient outcomes
  • Breaking down silos that act as a roadblock to efficient patient pathways through the system
  • Education and training to better support digitisation in healthcare and the clinician of the future

Our community spans primary, secondary and allied health care – from both operational and administrative roles – and discusses topic such as: people and processes, patient-centricity, change management, improving value and building capabilities.

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We surveyed 155 healthcare practitioners:
Believe that “consumers” will own/drive healthcare in the future