The current threat to our interests and way of life is unprecedented in our history.

Critical discourse must focus on how we can effectively address these strong security concerns in the region and on home soil.

National security can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of many who make innovation – efforts in in technological investments, strategy and execution – the priority.

Together the question we pose is how can we plan, prepare and respond to such crisis in the face of:

  • Escalating tensions between major geopolitical actors and shifting alliances
  • Actions of rogue states, including lone wolf and cyberattacks
  • Sophisticated new tactics of trans-boundary criminal and terrorist operations

Our Defence, Security & Justice Community is unified in the sense that all participants face national security challenges which are evolving in their sophistication.

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We surveyed 172 national security stakeholders
Highlighted the ability to minimise disruption from a cyber event as the most security issue that required the most focus within their agency