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Victoria Ke

Skilled professional in government affairs and Data Management & Analytics community engagement.
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Virtual Event: Building Your Data Strategy – AU

Date: 6 October 2021

Predicting natural disasters, responding to emergency situations, countering cyber attacks, or even managing a global pandemic – the use cases for public sector data sets are almost endless. With the public sector increasingly aware of the value of big data, it has become a critical asset. However in light of increasing volume, velocity and variety of data, coupled with a need to promote and protect information privacy, extracting actionable insights remains a challenge for many government departments…

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Virtual Event: Data Visualisation & Dashboards – NZ

Date: 20 October 2021

All levels of government collect an increasing amount of data every day, with this data becoming a critical asset for insight led decision-making. However, these large, diverse data sets can be difficult to organise, manage and extract actionable insights from. Naturally, the human brain is pre-programmed to respond faster to visual cues, and with the rise of big data in recent years, the important use of data visualisation as a tool to overcome this challenge has grown at a compounding rate…

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Virtual Event – Information & Data Management – Canada

Date: 21 October 2021

There are a multitude of benefits to a robust information and data management strategy: fewer information silos, better accuracy, security, accessibility, and strong foundational information infrastructure to anchor future analytics and AI developments. While the majority of focus may be on the more exciting capabilities of advanced analytics – like machine learning and artificial intelligence – data management and governance are crucial elements to ensuring these applications are successful…

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"Very interesting to see how other government agencies are dealing with their data platforms. A valuable source of ideas and methods used that could be applied across different agencies."

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