Better data leads to better decisions, which results in better services and better lives.

Leading public sector organisations are the ones who take a strategic approach to data management and analytics They consider the latest trends and technology, and invest wisely in systems that deliver lasting benefits across the organisation and to citizens at large.

Agency leaders and program management professionals seek practical, secure, and effective methods to extract the valuable information captured in their data repositories—from legacy systems to real- time.

In a VUCA world, data professionals need to:

  • Gain an understanding of how data is driving service delivery efficiency and innovation
  • Develop knowledge of digital infrastructure and automation that is driving data revolution
  • Learn how to assess investments, and how to measure your process

Our Data Management & Analytics community is made up of those Government organisations who have enormous data resources, and want to delivering insights at the business, demographic, financial, social and cultural level.

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We surveyed 196 business and data leaders:

Advised that their agency or department were looking at investing in business intelligence tools.