We specialize in Cloud Services. We offer clients a number of services from DevOps to Cloud Architecture and Platform delivery for your current situation. We can scale from small to very large Cloud offerings, whether you are mining big data, or small data, Cloud services are essential to service delivery.

Cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solutions are ubiquitous and offer scalability, performance and reliability suitable for even the most business critical workloads, while example below is for AWS, this can be applied to Azure and Other Cloud Providers.

Cloud Services



Platform Architecture

Platform Delivery

Cloud Scripting

Data lake Development

Meta Data Description

Scalability of the proposed solution  

Cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solutions offer numerous products and features that can scale to the largest conceivable workloads and maintain desired levels of performance.

Our proposed solution would leverage relational database technologies within a cloud provider, with appropriate scalability considerations and design to support your estimated data volumes. Our recent experience includes the end-to-end management and support of the online presence and e-commerce solution for a leading Australian airline, hosted entirely within AWS.

To the right is a high-level architecture diagram outlining a potential approach to development of a highly scalable solution using AWS technologies suitable for business intelligence and analytics. We will work with you during phased approach to develop a suitable technical architecture that caters precisely for your integration, scalability and performance requirements.

Proven ease of maintenance and enhancement of systems developed by the Responder

We design and implement systems targeting at an end state where our services are not required to facilitate their ongoing maintenance and enhancement. This necessitates an effective capability transfer and handover, as well as documentation and use of industry standards and favouring well established and supported technologies.

In many cases we will embed client resources within our delivery teams to maximise their exposure, in a phased “show me / help me / let me” transition that ultimately allows the client’s independence.

Social Procurement

Working with Government Divisions in my previous roles, we were enlisted to assist in an organisation with critical regulatory reporting obligations based on numerous complex and disparate data sources.

We delivered a bespoke analytics platform based on Microsoft SQL Server, with reporting and visualisation provided through Tableau. During the build process we identified the need to incorporate documentation intrinsically into the platform, linked to comprehensive external documents.

As the platform entered production, we conducted hands-on training with the client’s support resources, as well as assisted with enhancements in a “pairs programming” manner. Our well documented platform and effective handover meant that the client was self sufficient in the maintenance and enhancement of their platform, which has continued to operate without our support for over two years.

We co-designed and developed the organisations analytics and information management strategy and platform. Their environment was highly fragmented, and capability was siloed and duplicated. They suffered from numerous data quality issues and their tools were not seen as fit to support their strategic goals. We worked in conjunction with stakeholders throughout the business, including both IT and the data science teams. This engagement ensured that the platform, approach and tools were well understood and able to be supported by the in-house teams. We encourage the use of well established technology and open standards to ensure capability was available within the organisation and also in the market.