With rapid technological changes, it’s clear that keeping up with the rate of digital advancement – for example automation, harnessing big data, AI and various emerging technologies and cyber security – will pose significant challenges for future leaders, and will add a whole new layer of complexity as they try to stay ahead of competitors and innovate.

The technology landscape in Government is changing significantly. As part of our services, if you are a:

Senior executive

We can provide you with an understanding of the latest technologies and their  impact on management and decisions.


We can provide you with a framework for thinking and implementation using our tooling, as we can offer structure around model development and deployment.

Policy maker

We give you guidelines for understanding how the latest technologies are likely to change society and how policy might shape those changes for the better.

Given our in-depth experience in this field, we can provide a well-established foundation for understanding uncertainty and what it means for decision making.

As better prediction reduces uncertainty, we use our well established frameworks to tell you what AI means for the decisions you make in the course of your business.

Our current team, has over a decade of AI, Data, Cloud and Strategy experience. This includes AI policy writing, AI and data pipeline operationalisation, Cloud Computing, extensive data skills and modelling. We can develop programs of delivery that looks at many aspects of the AI lifecycle.


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Strategy and Policy

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